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About the Hamilton-Wentworth Heritage Association

The Hamilton-Wentworth Heritage Association (HWHA) is an umbrella organization, the purpose of which is to link, serve, and fill the gaps between heritage-related organizations in Hamilton-Wentworth.  It was formed as a Heritage co-operative in 1983. The Association in its present form was incorporated as the Greater Hamilton Heritage Association on May 14, 1988 through the Ontario Historical Society.  In 1991 the Association's name was changed to the Hamilton-Wentworth Heritage Association.

The Association strives to increase understanding and appreciation of our history and heritage by:

  • promoting the continued preservation and conservation of our heritage

  • developing and encouraging related historical research

  • increasing professional expertise of members by sharing information and knowledge and providing relevant training

  • encouraging public interest by publishing or printing related material, by holding public meetings, lectures and exhibitions and undertaking information-sharing, publicity and public information programmes

The Executive Committee of the Association is elected at the Annual General Meeting.  Officers may be individual members or designated representatives of member organizations.

The 2024 edition of the Who's Who in Heritage in Hamilton-Wentworth is available here.

Executive Committee 2024-2025

Past-President: Robin McKee

President: Lee Gowers


Margaret Anderson-Herrmann

Treasurer & Membership:

January Bailey Will

Secretary: vacant

Who's Who Editor:  Lee Gowers


Christina Begley

Rondalyn Brown

Susanne Noordyk

Susan Ramsay

Kathy Wakeman

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